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Greetings and welcome to Whitney's everything blog! I am a fantasy and erotica writer, an animal lover in the process of transitioning into a vegetarian and eventually vegan lifestyle, a practicing witch and a baby loss mother. Check out Invisible Ink Blog at Check out Ayslyn's Corner at Check out wombs in rebellion at


I hate writing, I love having written. – Dorothy Parker Do you know what the single most important characteristic of a writer is? Determination. Determination translates to the discipline that sees you to writing even when you don’t feel like … Continue reading

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April’s New Year

This year is getting away from me, and somehow despite that I’m always keenly aware of April. My year does not run January to December, it runs April to April – the closing and beginning of new cycles. There are … Continue reading

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WorldBuilding: New World Essentials

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on creating a master worldbuilding worksheet. It’s taken so long because the list is so extensive – I hope to have it ready for both you and me in the coming weeks, … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Have Waited

“Wait for me under the third lamppost,” he begged her. “I’ll meet you there at midnight and we’ll start a new life. Just you and me.” He was late, bruised ribs trying to cripple him, but he was there. She … Continue reading

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Be Disciplined

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Choosing the Best Perspective for Your Story

Something I’ve found myself wrestling with a lot lately is which perspective to write from. I’m not just talking about when I start new pieces either, but some of my long-standing WIPs have fallen into this speculation as well. I … Continue reading

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Write Bravely

I found this on Pinterest while searching for content for my writing board. My normal rhythm is to skim large amounts of content, pin or heart what catches my attention depending on how the content needs to be evaluated and … Continue reading

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