Summoning Pt6

You don’t wait to see how the guardsmen react to the gold now lying unclaimed in the dust. They are each working men, and that single coin could feed a family of four or five for a week. What they do with it is of no consequence to you though, and apparently not to the very grateful farmer ushering his old mare to keep pace with Azure’s energetic gant.

“Thank you,” he says when you’re out of earshot of the gate. “I doubt they would have let me go ‘er they broke a few bones. And for a man like me, broken bones means I can’t work, and no money for a healer.”

“Don’t mention it,” you tell him, reigning Azure in so you can assess one last time that he truly is no worse for wear. “You should be fine from here on, just keep your head down.”

The farmer’s pleased grin droops slightly. “But, um. I’m in your debt, lady. Will ya not at least allow me to give ya proper food at me home? Tis but a day’s smooth ride to the northwest.”
The road to your family home is due north from here, several days past where his lands would be. It’s not even high noon yet as the two roads are laid out before you. On the one hand is urgent, impending trouble and the other is the old man’s expectation and sense of honor.


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Greetings and welcome to Whitney's everything blog! I am a fantasy and erotica writer, an animal lover in the process of transitioning into a vegetarian and eventually vegan lifestyle, a practicing witch and a baby loss mother. Check out Invisible Ink Blog at Check out Ayslyn's Corner at Check out wombs in rebellion at
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One Response to Summoning Pt6

  1. DakotaCarter says:

    Are you planning on continuing this? I’m hooked ❤

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