You — An Enemy Bigger Than My Apathy

Maybe I really love you

Or maybe I love the pain

Maybe I love the idea

Or maybe you’re in my veins

Maybe I’m just lonely

Or maybe I’m confused

Maybe you’re my soulmate

Or maybe I’m being used

No matter what the truth is

Of this, I am convinced:

You are a black hole […]

via You — An Enemy Bigger Than My Apathy


About WhitneyCarter

Greetings and welcome to Whitney's everything blog! I am a fantasy and erotica writer, an animal lover in the process of transitioning into a vegetarian and eventually vegan lifestyle, a practicing witch and a baby loss mother. Check out Invisible Ink Blog at Check out Ayslyn's Corner at Check out wombs in rebellion at
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One Response to You — An Enemy Bigger Than My Apathy

  1. Dawn Ross says:

    Nicely done. Like I said before, I’m not much into poetry. So I really have no idea good this is, comparatively speaking. I know artists hate it when people say, “I don’t know what it means, but I like it.” Well, I do like it. and I do get the basic meaning, just not when it comes to a professional critique.

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