Summoning: An Interactive Mini Series

Over the weekend, I rediscovered a childhood love. Have you ever read one of those choose your own adventure stories? The ones that have a little bit of story, and then a few options for you to choose from, and based on your choices the story progresses differently? As a young kid who had only recently learned to read, I borrowed one of these from my local library. It was about a boy on the Titanic, and… I might have died in the cargo bay when the iceberg hit. X_x Although my ending was less than stellar, I was entranced by the idea of a semi-interactive story and went in search of other similar books… only to dejectedly discover that they weren’t a terribly popular kind of book, and the one in my hands was the only one available to me.

So the interest fell by the wayside, until several days ago when I discovered an app in the Google Play store called Pendragon Rising. And I was hooked. I’m one of those readers who is moody and borderline rude when you interrupt my reading, and even though I’m not an easily entertained child anymore, this choose your adventure story had me totally invested. And apparently I make sucky life choices because I died the first time through in this story too. The second time though I made it about as far as the story seemed to go, and the third time through I selected options I hadn’t beforehand to see the different plot developments.

But this gave me an idea: a choose your own adventure mini story for Invisible Ink! For now I’m going to call it “Summoning” and both the nature and the course will be determined by your votes each installment. As the story progresses too, I’ll be looking for a new title, so if something strikes you let me know. Let’s get started! ❤


0d127eb58c2aa30d4f65c75d2c400c0eIt’s a wonder the little delivery pixie found you at all; you’ve been fairly mobile the past several months and have taken care to not be memorable. You give the tiny creature a gold coin for her trouble though, and watch as her little wings flutter into a happy twirl. She darts off back into the crowded market square, leaving you standing alone just outside the armory where your horse is being reshoed.

Sighing, you turn the envelope over and instantly recognize your brother’s handwriting, which invariably means trouble with the family. Since your mother’s death five years ago, Terrin has reigned supreme over the household and its holdings, doing shrewd business and exploiting every opportunity for further advancement. Your relationship with him has become almost non-existent after an incident two years ago, when you refused his arrangement of a marriage behind your back; you can’t imagine what would be important enough for him to write to his disgraced sibling.

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2 Responses to Summoning: An Interactive Mini Series

  1. Dawn Ross says:

    I definitely remember those choose your own adventure books. I loved them too! This sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂 (also, I see that Pendragon Rising is available on my iPhone. I think I’ll give it a try.)

    • You should! I’m not sure I can recommend the others, because the only other one from that company I’ve tried is really overpriced, but Pendragon Rising was a lot of fun. 🙂

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